New Zealand Racing Board

The New Zealand Racing Board The New Zealand Racing Board was established under the Racing Act of 2003 to promote the racing industry and maximise its profits in the country, and to operate the Totaliser Agency Board or TAB. This is the only bookmaker legally allowed to offer park-mutual bets, which is how the New […]

Top Online Sports Betting Opportunities

Winning Opportunities for Punters  The top online sports betting sites provide opportunities for punters to place wagers on just about any sport that they like. In fact, new bettors will possibly be quite surprised by all the sports that are available. Of course there are some sports that have remained favorites for many years. Horse […]

FIFA World Cup 2018 Betting Guide

The FIFA World Cup is just a few short weeks away and we couldn’t be more excited! Hosted this year in Russia, we are looking forward to bucket loads of nail-biting action, shock wins and losses, and all the sports betting action you can handle. With 32 teams competing in the “greatest show on earth”, […]

Betting on The Tour de France

This year the Tour de France will take place from 7 to 29 July.  This race is the most well known cycling event on the sporting calendar and creates great excitement as the time draws nearer. The Tour de France is also a great betting opportunity.  Betting on those who seem to have no chance […]

The Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 Overview

The Olympic Games is one of the oldest sporting events in the world, having first started during the times of the Ancient Greeks. The Greeks believed that physical fitness and training was one way to become closer to the gods, and so their best athletes spent years training hard to eventually try and have a […]

How to Spot a Scam Sports Betting Site

While the online sports betting industry has completely revolutionised the world of sports betting by offering a wide range of options for sites to choose from, it has not come without it’s downfalls. Unfortunately many new punters turn to online sportsbooks owing to the ease of use and access, but many fall victim to scam […]

4 Fitness Trends Making Waves in 2018

2018 is flying by, but it is definitely not too late to get fit and try out some of the hot fitness trends making waves this year. From DIY fitness to HIIT, this year is seeing more and more people getting fit in new ways. Here are our top four fitness trends in 2018: 4. […]

The Beginners Guide to Football Betting Terms

So you want to place a bet on a Football match – but where to start? A player’s first attempt at placing bets can seem a bit overwhelming or just plain confusing. What is an arbitage bet, why is a match now offboard and why is the probability of winning so low but the so […]

The Ultimate Guide to Horse Racing Bets

Depending on your chosen online sportsbook, there are most likely multitudes of different horse racing betting options to choose from – all of which can be rather overwhelming to the novice punter. You are going to come across terms such as quinella, quaddie, and parlays, but fret not – our ultimate guide to horse racing […]

Tips on Choosing a Top Online Sportsbook

The online sports betting industry is a highly competitive market and, depending on where you reside, there may be hundreds – if not thousands – of online sportsbooks to choose from. As such, it’s incredibly important that you recognise the signs of both reputable and untrustworthy online sportsbooks. Here are the most important factors to […]