Choosing a Winning Horse for Beginners

There is an art to consistently choosing the winning pony at the races.  Combining information about the competitors past wins, favourite track surface, and post position will make you much more accurate when picking your odds and your winner. Here are basics to get you started. Figure out the Racing Form The racing form has […]

An Intro to the Types of Bets to Place on Horse Racing

Want to try your hand at betting on horse racing? Whether you choose your winning horses based on their names, the jockey’s weight, your favourite colour or past wins, a day at the races is so much more enjoyable if you have an idea of the type of bets you can place, and what it […]

6 Strangest Sports You Never Thought to Bet On

As people have more access to information about the weirdest sports around the world, so our bookmakers are being increasingly creative when it comes to the options available for betting. One must ask, what comes next? Betting on tuna tosses? Or maybe, that just has not gone mainstream yet. Cockroach Racing Not nearly as glamorous […]

The Top 5 Recommendations to Speed Your Recovery Post Enduro

People are not designed to run endurance races, but for some, the challenge to endure is just too strong. The punishment our joints and muscles take, and the mental toll of participating in this type of running, all result in much needed recovery time. Here are 5 rules to aid your recovery and get you […]

6 Tips to Increase Your Running Stamina

For endurance runners, increasing their running stamina takes precedence in their training regime. It’s virtually impossible to get through a long distance run without endurance and just like any other sport, it takes time and commitment in order to reach the pinnacle of performance. Many runners naturally progress to running longer distances as it breaks […]

Endurance Events: From One Extreme to Another

Regardless of the sport, endurance events will test the physical and mental limits of the participants who are adventurous (and possibly mad) enough to compete. There are many variables that can impact a competitor’s performance, the elements are unpredictable at best and lethal at worst but for the brave few, the appeal of competing in […]

Traditional Horse Racing Courses – Tauranga Racing

Tauranga Racecourse is one of the oldest racecourses in New Zealand and it has a long and illustrious history that’s well worth exploring. The track opened in 1872 with a meeting of gentlemen at the Tauranga Hotel to discuss stewards and other details for a track meeting. From there the course was built on a […]

Biggest Sporting Events for Betting in 2017

The worlds of sport and of sports betting are inseparable entities.  Predicting the outcome of a game or event is great fun, even more so when there is a handsome payout waiting at the other side of the finish line – and not just for the participating athletes.  Sports betting brings the excitement of participating […]

Hitch Yourself to Harness Racing Wins at Mildura

The Mildura Harness Racing Club is a top horse racing location in Mildura, Australia. It features a horse racing track on the premises, allowing guests to view horse acing events while enjoying dining and entertainment facilities. A dining hall is available on location where guests can eat, drink, and view the racing events as they […]

Quick to the Punch & Understanding MMA Betting

MMA stands for mixed martial arts. It is a sport that features highly varied fighting, with participants able to utilise kicks, punches, throws, and grappling techniques. Events take place inside a ring, and fighters go head to head with a win determined by one of the contestants being rendered unable to continue fighting, or a […]